Bring Culture To Life
Our engaging culture content brings culture to life and opens your eyes to the world around you.
Crowdsourcing Videos To Bring Culture To The World
We're more than just an app, we're about deeply connecting people by sharing the beauty of other cultures. Together let's bring culture to the world through the magic of video!

Bringing Humanity Back To Travel

Our six core features below open your eyes to the world of other cultures and seamless travel.

Practical Cultural Advice
An insightful description about the people and their culture, including some important do’s and don’ts.
Compare Your Culture
A high level overview of your culture versus the country you are visiting, using data from world renowned cultural expert Geert Hofstede.
Fun Facts
Sit back and enjoy some fun facts about the country you are visiting
Practical Travel Advice
Visas, vaccinations, plugs and all those frustrating travel questions solved, once and for all.
Travel Map
Your own fully integrative map of everywhere you have visited in the world, which you can share on social media.
Ask Your Friends
See which friends have travelled to a particular country, so you can easily ask them for advice or tips.

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Email Dee personally at or for general queries, please send an email to and we’ll respond asap.

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