We Travel For Two Reasons For Leisure Travel.
For people and for place. But for business travel, we travel for one reason, and one reason only. People. Yet how much time do we spend understanding how the locals do business?
What Is The Cost To Your Business Of A Cultural Faux-pas?
Just ask Dolce and Gabbana. They shared a video of a Chinese model eating Italian pizza with chopsticks. Within days there was a country wide boycott costing them millions.

Bringing Humanity Back To Travel

Our six core features below open your eyes to the world of other cultures and seamless travel.

Do Business Like A Local
Everything from how to do business to dining etiquette, you will have everything you need to close that deal.
Compare Your Culture
Understand the key differences between your culture and the culture you are visiting using models from world renowned cultural expert Geert Hofstede.
Culture Videos
Open your eyes to the power of culture with our engaging and educational culture videos.
Duty Of Care
Understanding the local way of life is not a “nice to have”. It is a must have. And one every business should take seriously.
Reduce Anxiety
Many business travellers experience anxiety when travelling to new places. We can help address this.
Increase Sales
One cultural faux-pas = Extremely costly lost deal.

Drop Us A Line

Email Dee personally at dee@culturemee.com or for general queries, please send an email to info@culturemee.com and we’ll respond asap.

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