Linda Fox from Phocuswire interviews CultureMee for Phocuswire Startup Stage

A huge thank you to Linda Fox and all the Phocuswire team for interviewing CultureMee for their Startup Stage feature.

In this interview, we reveal the challenges of building a global startup as well as the opportunities we see for culture in the world of travel.

For any aspiring entrepreneurs in the world of travel, maybe they might take something away from this quote below:

“Building a global start‐up is something that takes every sinew in your body, mind and soul, in order to make it a success.

You have got to be beyond resilient. And that is before deciding to have a family in the middle of it all! So it’s been a continual evolution for us of learning how to consciously balance work and family life.”

John and Dee Lee
CultureMee at Phocuswright Amsterdam conference in 2018.
John and Dee from CultureMee catching up with Festive Road’s Aurelie Krau at Phocuswright Amsterdam conference in 2018.

The photo above is from the Phocuswright Amsterdam conference in 2018, this was a fantastic place to get to meet many of the key players in the global travel industry.