John from CultureMee was invited to pitch to at Travel Massive Dublin’s recent event called “China Rising: How China is changing the face of travel”.

It was a wonderful opportunity to engage with many key stakeholders and leaders from Chinese culture and tourism, as well as many Irish leaders who are either exporting to China or dealing with Chinese visitors coming to Ireland.

What we beyond doubt was the incredible growth in Chinese outbound tourism, which means European countries need to better prepare to understand the nuances around Chinese culture and way of life.

It was a great pleasure getting to meet Chinese leaders such as Olga Wang from the Chinese Embassy and Lihan Zhao from Open Jaw technologies and Wynne (Wei) Liu from the Failte Ireland China Programme.

Kudos also to Amanda Horan from Failte Ireland who is doing great work in this respect. During the event there were some fascinating numbers from John Magill in Enterprise Ireland.

A special thank you to Kevin O’ Shaughnessy and all the Travel Massive Dublin team (Mark Lenahan and Pauline Kwasniak) who put together a great event, as well as the hosts of the event, Open Jaw technologies.