💡 It’s time to open your eyes to the power of culture at the touch of a button.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our CultureMee api which we we unveiled at the the Travel Startups Travel API & Micro-Services Tech Symposium in Miami Florida.

The Travel Startups Travel API & Micro-Services Travel Tech Symposium was held in the Amadeus offices in Miami USA on 30th April 2019.

Travel Startups Incubator® (TSI) ran a 1-day API & Micro-Services, Travel Technology Symposium, part of their 2019 Innovation Program.

They brought together TSI innovation partners from the leading TMC’s, Corporate Travel Managers, GDS’s, OTA’s, Travel Platforms and vetted global travel technology startups looking to pilot and license technology through APIs and micro-services.

This included many of the largest TMCs including BCD Travel, CWT and American Express Global Business Travel. It also included some of the largest Corporate Travel Buyers such as EY Global.

It was a fantastic event, and you can really feel how business travel is already embracing new ideas in a way not seen before.

Our big take-aways:

– With the move to the API economy, the bigger players are opening themselves up which is an incredible opportunity for any travel start-up. BCD really seem to have nailed this with Solution Source, but in future this model will probably be the rule rather than the exception.

– The big players in business travel are actually really supportive of start-ups. If you’ve got a good idea, and their customers are interested, then anything is possible.

– It was the first time in a long time that the top 3 largest TMCs and one of the largest travel buyers (EY) were on a panel, and it was brilliant. There were so many powerful learnings for any travel start-up, especially the importance of getting out there and going to these kind of conferences.

– The format was excellent. Circa 60 people and lots of one on one meetings.

John with Matt Zito and Nicole Zito, managing partners of TravelStartups.co

Thanks to Matt Zito for the invitation, to Amadeus who hosted the event as well as the TMC sponsors American Express Global Business Travel and BCD Travel.

Learn more about the event here:

Travel API & Micro-Services Tech Symposium