On the original deadline for Brexit, 29th March 2019, CultureMee spoke to locals in Wavre, Belgium and San Sebastián, Spain, to ask them what will we miss the most about English culture when they leave Europe?

What about Dee and John, what will we miss the most about British culture more generally when they do leave Europe?

Dee actually spent a number of years working in London, and has very fond memories of her time there.

John used to be the controller for the UK businesses during his time in his former employer, and developed many great relationships over that time.

“I think one thing that defines English is their unique humour. That English dry wit, their sarcasm is something special which you won’t find anywhere else. I think also their openness to doing business, and that ability to get things done, is something which also defines their business culture. One element which surprised me when I moved abroad, and got to learn more about my own Irish culture is how similar we are to English people in terms of our communication style. Irish people are quite indirect and really dislike confrontation, and this is certainly something shared by our neighbours in the UK.” John Lee

“The UK holds a special place for me, as it is where I worked for a number of years, making great friends in the various investment banking roles I held there. It was also my base from where I went travelling the world every chance I got. What I loved about English people, and London in particular, was the energy of the city and the people. There were so many different nationalities, it felt like the people of the world were there in London for you to see, from the people you met to the different cuisines for you to sample.” Dee Lee

So what will you miss about English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish culture when the UK does eventually leave?