We are delighted to share with you the news that CultureMee is partnering with an incredible local experience platform I Like Local who have 1,300 local people based in Asia and Africa.

This is going to be a game-changer where together we can help you have a deeper and more meaningful travel experience by connecting you with authentic local people.

Are you ready to stay with Buddhist monks in Thailand?

Or visit a Rwandan tea plantation?

Or even try a Bhutan homestay experience?

Thanks to this partnership, we can now give our community access to passionate local people in Africa and Asia. Here’s to changing how we travel.

Thank you to Sanne Meijboom and all the I Like Local team. Below is a BBC interview with Sanne.

What is CultureMee?

CultureMee is the first content platform in the world to help travellers navigate other cultures.

Imagine walking around blindfolded. That is what it is like going to other countries and not making the effort to understand their culture.

So take off your blindfolds and open your eyes to CultureMee, an award-winning content platform.

CultureMee has been downloaded by over 140+ different countries since the launch in December 2017 and was awarded โ€œBest Travel Technology Productโ€ at the Global Youth Travel Awards in September 2018.


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