Thank you for taking the time to hear about what we have to offer in CultureMee.

This article is here to give you an idea about how we help business travellers and how we can help you, whether you are a travel management company, a corporate travel buyer or even an individual business traveller.

What Is CultureMee?

CultureMee is the first content platform in the world to help business travellers navigate other cultures. We do this by:

  • Providing our own culture content (for over 80 countries)
  • Delivering engaging culture videos, from the perspective of locals and visitors
  • Allowing you to compare your culture to the culture you are travelling to (via our Compare Your Culture graphs licensed from Hofstede Insights).
  • Offering other ancillary content such as duty of care content (e.g. Security, Plugs, Vaccinations, etc.)

What Makes Your Content So Special?

CultureMee’s content is revolutionising the corporate travel industry and has won multiple awards for our unique approach to culture.

In September 2018, CultureMee was announced as the “Best Travel Technology Product” at the Global Youth Travel Awards.

And in January 2019, CultureMee was included as one of the “Ones To Watch” in Buying Business Travel’s Hotlist for 2019.

As for what makes our content so special:

  • We are the only culture platform specifically targeting business travellers, so we have their needs at the forefront of our content style.
  • Our content is short, snappy and user-friendly, so that business travellers can instantly get a snapshot of the local cultural nuances.
  • We are the only travel platform which offers compare your culture graphs, so that your business traveller customers can get an edge when doing international business.
  • We are the first culture platform in the world to use local proverbs to unlock the local culture.
  • We produce and curate world-class culture videos through our own production team and those of partners. You will not find our culture videos anywhere else.
  • We have a partnership with world-class culture consultants Hofstede Insights for any of our customers who want to go deeper on culture. This means, through this partnership, that we offer a team of 100+ people in 40+ different countries ready to support your needs.
  • Last, but by no means least, no other platform gives you access to Dee and John Lee. This husband and wife team have travelled to over 80 countries, 150+ different European locations, speak 6 languages and have lived in Dublin, London, New York, Amsterdam, Munich, Phuket and San Diego. Culture is in their DNA and they have a track record of bringing culture to life for travellers around the world.

Why Would I Need Your Culture Content?

If you don’t work with other cultures, sell to other cultures, or buy from other cultures, then you don’t need what we offer.

But if you do do business with other cultures, in any way shape or form, then you’d be surprised how our culture content can transform your business.

Think of it anther way.

Imagine doing business blindfolded.

This is what it feels like to do business without understanding the local culture.

In one of our recent article, we showed how not understanding the local culture cost Dolce & Gabbana many millions of dollars.

To better understand how our CultureMee content can transform the business traveller, TMC or corporate travel buyer journey, we recommend this article we wrote which shows how 78% of business travellers research the local culture and how 74% of business travellers feel their TMCs should be offering this kind of content.

How Do I Access Your Content?

We are in the process of building an API to license our content to TMCs and corporate travel buyers. Until then, you can access our content by downloading the CultureMee app. If you are interested in licensing our content, then please get in touch with John by emailing him at