CultureMee is delighted to be featured in the SIETAR Europa Intercultural Training Kit.

Thanks to the SIETAR Europa team for featuring our workshop ideas.

Interested to hear what they are?

Then follow this link to purchase the e-book:


SIETAR is Europe’s largest association of interculturalists and is part of the worldwide SIETAR network.

SIETAR works to:

  • contribute to more effective communication among people of different cultures and backgrounds
  • enhance intercultural awareness in policy-making, business, education and civil society
  • establish an ever-widening network of intercultural specialists
  • provide multi-disciplinary, professional expertise contribute to the development of professional standards
  • encourage publication and promote research provide opportunities for personal and professional exchanges
  • hold regional, national and international conferences

For more info on SIETAR, visit their website here: