CultureMee has been selected to participate in the Booking Cares Lab in Amsterdam this October.

Here are the other innovators participating in the programme, we’re really looking forward to meeting them all:


A huge thank you to for inviting to this programme.Β  We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with, Amsterdam city and other innovative start-ups and non-profits to help address some of the challenges around over-tourism.

The Booking Cares Lab Amsterdam called for innovators to develop solution-specific project plans around one of the following themes:

  1. Tourism Dispersal: relieving pressure on crowded tourist areas;
  2. Inclusive Growth: making sure that everyone in the city benefits from the growing tourism opportunity, including an even more diverse array of local businesses;
  3. Behavioural Awareness: educating travellers about how to act more like a local, including tackling topics related to littering and street pollution, noise control, and waste management, i.e. recycling and sorting, etc.


We see over-tourism as partly a quantity issue (i.e. too many tourists) but also a quality issue (e.g. the type of tourists who visit, but also the cultural behaviours of the tourists who visit).

For example, many tourists walk on the cycle lanes in Amsterdam which really annoys the locals. Or in London many tourists just jump on to the underground train without forming an orderly queue and letting the people get off the train in an orderly manner. Or in Australia where taking photos of local Aboriginal people or landmarks drives the locals crazy.

Big picture, if people can be more culturally aware before getting to the destination, we feel it can reduce a lot of the cultural friction between tourists and locals and this is where our CultureMee app fits in.


For more information on the Booking Cares Labs as well as’s other programmes around sustainable tourism, see here: