We are delighted to announce that CultureMee will be partnering with Hofstede Insights, one of the worldโ€™s leading culture consultancies and a global leader in research based culture management.


This strategic partnership combines Hofstede Insightโ€™s expertise in managing the impact of culture on work life and the B2C market of CultureMee which focuses on bringing culture to the travel market.


This means that anyone who downloads our CultureMee app will have access to a global network of over 90 culture consultants in 40 countries.


Together, we will help people who travel gain a better understanding of culture, and help them fully understand the culture of a country before they travel there.


A huge thank you to Egbert and all the Hofstede Insights team.ย  We’re hugely excited to see what Hofstede Insights and CultureMee can do together in the future.


To download our CultureMee app, which helps to demystify culture for people who travel, visit the Google Play or Apple stores.


To access a personalised culture questionnaire which shows you how you compare to your own and other cultures, you can also download the Hofstede Insights Culture Compass app on Google Play or Apple stores (or also via the CultureMee app).


For more information on our Hofstede Insights partnership, please visit:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dee directly at Dee@CultureMee.com.