“Fish don’t know they’re in water”


Like the quote from Derek Sivers eloquently illustrates, 🐟 fish don’t know they’re in water and the same applies to how many of us experience culture.  Why?  Because you often don’t appreciate your own culture until you travel abroad and experience another culture.

Even if you don’t travel, understanding culture can really open your horizons.

Think about it, how many cultures have you met in the last month?  

You’d be surprised, it’s probably more than you think!  

Take a 10 minute walk through your your local supermarket and you’ll likely run into 10 different cultures.  When you think of it this way, you quickly come to realise that dealing with other cultures is a huge part of our lives.

Look at it another way.  We are all a mixture of our own personality and our own culture.  I’m Irish and an extrovert who has a passion for travel.  The Irish part of me is just as important as the part of me that is an extrovert who loves to travel.  

So when people ask us why do we have a passion for culture, we say, why not?

Culture is all around us, an invisible bond on the one hand linking us together and the other hand pulling us apart.  It can be a powerful enabler of positivity, or a destructive energy pushing people towards an “Us” and “Them” mindset.

People often talk of the importance of economics, and they’re right, the power of money in any society is strong.  However, simply look to the political evolution of the western world, especially in the US and the UK, and you quickly begin to appreciate that culture was an important driver in both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.  Regardless of your political views, the perception of culture and how it was deployed by politicians will have a massive impact on the societal trajectory of these two countries for the coming years.

Coming back down to earth, away from lofty philosophies and ideas on culture, for Dee and I, it’s very straightforward why we love culture.  

It comes down to people.  

We are both natural extroverts and love mixing with people from different backgrounds.  We live for  travelling to far-away parts of the world and meeting new people from diverse cultures, to see what we can learn from them, and also to see what we can learn about ourselves and our own culture.  

For us, travelling and experiencing other cultures are intertwined and are all part of the sense of adventure when we travel.  

Above all, we’re firmly of the belief that culture and understanding culture can open our eyes, our hearts, our minds and our souls to the beauty of the world around us.